To perform an Install WordPress on your local computer, initially you have to install a local server that offers you PHP and MySQL.

To have an Apache distribution that contains PHP and MySQL, you can use one of the following free solutions:

  • XAMPP (Cross-platform, Apache, MySQL, PHP, Pearl)
  • MAMP (MacOS, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • WAMP (Windows, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

To learn more about installing a local web solution depending on your operating system, you can read the following articles:

Manual installation of a WordPress from scratch on the local server

1) Download the WordPress archive

To be able to install WordPress, we must initially download its archive, and this is done from the official website. Download the WordPress archive in Romanian

2) Copy WordPress files

The next step is to access the “htdocs” directory on the local server.

Install WordPress on your local computer

See more details about the location of the “htdocs” directory see here.

In the “htdocs” directory, create a new “wordpress” directory, where you copy everything contained in the “wordpress” directory from the downloaded archive.

Install WordPress on your local computer

After copying, the directory should look similar to the one below. To contain the directories “wp-admin”, “wp-content”, “wp-includes” and other files. Their permissions must be 755 for directories and 644 for files.

This is done by right-clicking on the wordpress directory -> Get Info. A new window will open and we will go to the “Sharing & Permissions” area. Here we will allocate “Read & Write” rights for everyone.

Install WordPress on your local computer

3) Creating the database

For this step, you must first access the database MySQL using phpMyAdmin.

More details about localization access “phpMyAdmin” see here.

From phpMyAdmin create a new database named “wordpress”.

Install WordPress on your local computer

4) WordPress installation

After completing the steps above, the actual installation of WordPress follows.

This will be done by accessing the website, in my case http://localhost/wordpress/, where an area will be displayed where you can add the following:

  • Database name (wordpress)
  • Database username (root)
  • Database password (empty)
  • Database host (usually localhost is used, depending on the database server)
  • Table prefix (wp)
Install WordPress on your local computer

5) Completion of WordPress installation

In this step, the last of the Wordress installation, you must set the website title, a user who will also be the administrator and the password assigned to him.

Install WordPress on your local computer

6) Login to the site’s administration panel

To be able to log in to the site’s administration panel, you must access the site followed by “/wp-admin”. In my case “http://localhost/wordpress/wp-admin”.

After entering the credentials, you have access to the administration panel of your WordPress site, where you will be greeted by a welcome screen.

Install WordPress on your local computer

Congratulations! You have successfully install WordPress on your local computer!

If you have encountered problems, do not hesitate to contact us or write in the comments section below.

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To install a WordPress from scratch, you can read this article.

Install WordPress on your local computer
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