What is WordPress?

What is WordPress? One of the many possibilities to create your own website. It can be used for almost any web solution, from a simple blog, presentation site, to an online store and others.

WordPress is used on more than 40% of the existing sites on the Internet, which means a third of them.

In technical terms, we can say that WordPress is a Content Management System, CMS for short. It is free/open source, and the license is GPLv2, this means that it can be used or modified as you like.

A CMS is a system, which you can use to create the website, without having knowledge in the field. To be able to use WordPress or another CMS, you don’t have to write code, but just use the interface provided by them, similar to Word.

In conclusion: What is WordPress? A tool with which you can create your own website.

what is WordPress

What can WordPress do?

Initially, WordPress was built to create blogs. But now thanks to the community of developers and users, as well as the changes to the source code, any web application can be created with WordPress.

The main uses are as a presentation site, blog and online store, but other types of sites can also be made, such as:

  • Portfolio of products/services (used by companies, public persons, etc…)
  • Website for the wedding, which will include from the date of the events to the gallery with images.
  • Online appointment site, the place where appointments are kept.
  • Site where subscriptions for online lessons can be sold.
  • Almost any type of application that is used on the web.
  • It can also be used for any customized project, depending on the applicant’s ideas and the developer’s knowledge.

In conclusion: WordPress can do almost anything on the web.

How did WordPress come about?

Initially it started as an application for blogs, under the name b2 or cafelog.

It was written in PHP for use with MySQL, by Michel Valdrighi, who is now an active developer at WordPress.


WordPress appeared in 2003 as an open source application, and in 2007 WordPress won one of the Packt Open Source CMS Awards.

Thanks to the multitude of devotees and users, in the last 20 years it has become one of the most popular and simplest ways to develop a presentation site, blog or online store.

WordPress is used by…

Everyone uses WordPress, such as bloggers, small companies that want a presentation site, or an online store, but also large, well-known companies, such as Sony, Microsoft, Casa Alba and others.

That’s why you can use it without worry, because you won’t have any problems using WordPress in the long term.

See more details about WordPress on the official page.

How to install WordPress?

It can be installed manually and it takes quite a bit of time to install it, but if you don’t have a minimum of knowledge, I recommend installing it from the administration panel (cpanel) through Softaculous.

Another option is to contact a web developer or a specialized company.

You can find more details about installing WordPress in this tutorial: Installing a WordPress from scratch

Do you understand what WordPress is? Will you use it?

You can tell us in the comments section below.

What is WordPress?
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